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DAY 01: Screenshot your desktop

DAY 01: Screenshot your desktop


1) Screenshot your desktop
2) Screenshot your follower count
3) Screenshot your blog
4) Screenshot your post count
5) Screenshot your liked count
6) Screenshot your followers
7) Screenshot your dash
8) Screenshot one of your favorite blogs
9) Screenshot your message count
10) Screenshot your saved url’s
11) Screenshot [insert whatever]


Name: Risha
Age: 17
Gender: Female


Food: Kare-Kare
Drink: Coke
Book: The Great Gatsby
Author: Lemony Snicket
Song: Champagne Supernova - Oasis
Movie: Amelie
TV Show: New Girl
Band: Foster the People
Solo Artist: Lorde
Place: toilet
School Subject: Literature.
Sport: Bowling?
Male Actor: Gary Oldman
Female Actor: Keira Knightley


Best Friend:  I feel like I don’t have one.
Significant Other: No, I’m a free bird.
Siblings: One
Dream Job: Traveler
Fears: Heights and being alone with a bunch of strangers.
Political Ideology: Gender equality and liberalism.
Religion: Agnostic.
Tattoos: None.
Piercings: Ears.
Languages: English, Tagalog, Kapampangan, and a bit of French and German.


Reason Behind URL: Two of the biggest fandoms I’m in and an alliteration.
Reason Behind Icon:
I just love Arya ‘kay
# of Posts:  
Why You Joined:
I used to be so obsessed with Dtrix Sandoval from Quest Crew, so when I saw a blog filled with pictures of him I instantly signed up.
First URL: I think it’s questiewockee or or smth?
# of Blogs:
Hoarded URLs:


Thomas Brodie Sangster for Interview magazine 

Photographer: Van Sarki



If you haven’t seen the trailer of Jerrold Tarog’s “Heneral Luna,” and you’re a Philippine history enthusiast, please do. It may perhaps be one of the films set in the Philippine-American War that we could be proud of. We only have a few films set in that historical period, and not that many people know of the Philippine-American War. The film is set to be released on 2015. The quality of the film is seamless, and because it’s a Jerrold Tarog film, I’m expecting a down-to-earth treatment to the historical figures. His film Sana Dati is a favorite. 

When I saw the photos of the cast of Heneral Luna on Facebook, I couldn’t help but gasp at some of the actors’ portrayal of their character. To show you what I mean, I took the photos of the cast and put it side by side with the actual photos of the historical figures they portrayed. (I hope the director won’t mind). Look, and be amazed!!! 

(1) John Arcilla as General Antonio Luna

(2) Epy Quizon as Apolinario Mabini

—> This so far is my favorite. From the dress down to the chair he is sitting at, Epy Quizon is perfect for the Mabini role. 

(3) Paolo Avelino as  General Gregorio del Pilar

(4) Mon Confiado as President Emilio Aguinaldo

(5) Nonie Buencamino as Felipe Buencamino 

(6) Joem Bascon as Colonel Francisco “Paco” Roman

(7) Alex Medina as Captain Jose Bernal

(8) Leo Martinez as Pedro Paterno

(9) Ketchup Eusebio as Captain Pedro Janolino

(10) Lorenz Martinez as General Tomas Mascardo

(LEFT photos are from the "Heneral Luna" Facebook Fanpage. RIGHT photos are historical photos from various sources. Photos belong to their respective owners).